Commercial Real Estate & Advisory

Senior Director

Margie Sarway

Firmly planted at the intersection of art and commerce for years, Margie Sarway began her brokerage career as a partner of Azrak-Sarway Art Advisory, working for years with artists, galleries and collectors. The relationships she formed then have lasted, as clients and collaborators have become both tenants and landlords she now represents. When working with galleries, in property leasing and sales, her experience gives her insight into their operations from the inside, and has led to exploration of new market areas and unexpected spaces. The trust earned with honesty and diligence has been a source of pride in every interaction.

Interpreting that unique perspective, when working with fashion and design tenants, has enhanced Margie’s a creative approach. Working in the arts has an element of storytelling; conveying artists’ perspectives, histories and experiences. Each tenant brings their own story to tell, these stories are told through social media, websites and, more personally, through their brick and mortar retail presence. Locations represented have stories of their own, and it’s always gratifying to match their history, style, neighborhood and image to tell new stories that complement the brands. Working with Margie and Sinvin, Poggenpohl Kitchens found a new Soho home that could convey their prestige as the oldest kitchen brand in the world, as well as their pioneering history, expertise and craftmanship. When Australian brand Grace Loves Lace wanted to bring their modern perspective on bridal dressing directly to their East Coast on-line customers, she found them a store that conveyed their originality, spirit and high quality.

Margie has represented dozens of retailers and restauranteurs, as well thousands of feet of retail and office space throughout Manhattan and her native Brooklyn. She studied fine art at Parson’s School of Design, completing her BFA at NYU. Her own story continues at home in Brooklyn, with her husband, 4 children, and dog, Rocco.






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