Commercial Real Estate & Advisory

Managing Director

Genaro Otero

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Genaro worked for twenty-five years leading the retail front of various international renowned fashion brands. He served as Senior Vice President for Issey Miyake USA, and as Director of Stores for Etro USA Inc, both brands with significant retail presence in the United States, including Manhattan, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles.

In both companies, he was responsible for the development and growth of their retail divisions, including identifying new locations that would meet their brand image, budget and financial potential criteria, as well as marketing exposure.

Genaro believes in building relationships through trust. In the last three years, prior to joining Sinvin, he has not only focused in securing leases with Issey Miyake, Lilian Wu Studio, Master Works, Norroha, Keetsa, Burrow & NowHere, but has also concentrated in understanding the potential of different submarkets for expansion or relocation for his established relationships with like companies.

Genaro was born and raised in Colombia and is a graduate with a B.A. in Marketing and Business Administration from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian. He has lived in and been part of the fabric of Manhattan real estate as a residential tenant and property owner, landlord, and commercial real estate tenant since 1984.

Genaro is licensed in New York State as real estate salesperson and is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York.

Genaro’s goal in real estate is to always serve the community with a focus on diversity, relevance, transparency, equality and inclusiveness. He believes that each market and neighborhood should offer a unique and integrated destination quality.






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