Commercial Real Estate & Advisory

Associate Director

Elliott Mishan

Elliott Mishan specializes in providing the commercial real estate opportunities by which his corporate clients can realize their full brand potential. Over the past three years at Sinvin Real Estate, Elliott has put his vast knowledge of the New York commercial real estate landscape to work for a client list as diverse as the city itself, while rising to Associate Director of Landlord/Tenant Representation from his humble beginnings as a Real Estate Intern. He has worked in every facet of the leasing process, from market research, through conducting due diligence for potential clients and landlords alike, identifying and evaluating potential risk factors, and negotiating and executing lease contracts.

Elliott’s wide array of clients have included several multinational clothing retailers and style brands, all of which sought Elliott to assist in their North American expansions. Additionally, Elliott has worked with burgeoning companies local to New York to find spaces which could accommodate start-up budgets while also offering opportunities for potential future expansion. In all of his variegated real estate endeavors, Elliott has worked tirelessly to ensure his clients are satisfied with the entire process, and has cultivated a reputation for honesty and integrity amongst both peers and former clients.




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