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Sinvin Brings Preservation to SoHo

April 27, 2005

SoHo Continues to be a top spot for growing companies.

Two new retailers are coming in to ply their wares, with one concentration ion preserving your body and the other on preserving eons-old fossils.

The first, a Greek chain known as Mastic Spa, sells spa products based on the mastica plant.

Its first U.S. shop will be at 438 West Broadway at Prince Street, where neighbors include Coach, French connection and Origins.
The shop will have a 500-foot selling floor and the same in basement space. The asking rent was $400 a foot or about $200,000 a year.
Kyle Felty of Dumann Realty brought in the tenant while Chris Owles of Sinvin worked for the building owner.

The fossil connection, Green River Stone Company, inked a deal for 51 Wooster St, at the corner of Broome for the next eight years.
The 950-foot space had an asking rent of $6,750 a month or about $85 a foot.

Douglas McHugh of PEP Real Estate was the sole broker in the deal and repped Pasquale Management.

To open the store, the fossil firm is venturing with one of its investors, Arthur Wiener, who as United Management owns properties including the former Barney’s building on 17th Street.

Green River has a private quarry in Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains, where it harvests the famous Fossil Lake’s sedimentary deposits and then reveals the fossils by hand.

Its wares are shown in stores around the world and the fossil slabs can be used in murals, tiles, counters and tabletops.