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Between The Bricks

By Lois Weiss | May 9, 2007

Between the BricksA new restaurant – dubbed 10 Downing after its upcoming location – cut a deal made possible by the repositioning of 200 feet of frontage at the corner of Sixth Avenue that was formerly used for small medical and travel offices.”This is not just about one store but about changing the neighborhood,” said Ofer Yardeni, a Stonehenge Partner whose company owns the building. “We took space getting $500 a month and will now get $1.5 million a year.”10 Downing’s owners, restaurateurs Joel Michel, Vincent Seufert and Stephane Dorian and investor Dan McClure, signed a 15-year lease for the 2,700 foot duplex.Brokers Christopher Owles and Kristin McCann of Sinvin Realty acted for both sides, with Eric Roth overseeing the work in-house for Stonehenge.The restaurateurs were previously responsible for notables such as Pastis, 5 Ninth, Rhone, Le Zoo, and Waterloo.