Commercial Real Estate & Advisory

It mattered to Sonos.

Having disrupted the home audio industry with its revolutionary wireless, whole-home audio system, the pioneering wireless speaker company, Sonos, engaged Sinvin to devise and execute a bold vision for its very first corporate owned and operated retail store.

Sonos exclusively engaged Sinvin’s Retail Advisory Group to undertake an analysis of the brand and to cultivate an incubator stage plan for retail growth and stores.  The challenge was to harness the essential DNA of the brand and showcase it at retail in order to secure a sure marketplace footing as shifting dynamics in the music marketplace fully took hold.

To showcase the technology and sound quality, Sonos’ retail vision was an early adopter of true immersive, experiential retail. Any store option would have to highlight the brand’s unparalleled uniqueness.  Sonos was the inventor of multi-room wireless home audio and featuring different rooms and environments was key to a successful opening.  A dedicated physical retail presence, designed and controlled by Sonos, was essential to the brand as streaming became mainstream and Bluetooth technology made wireless speakers a reality. The successful retail concept would also need to highlight the brand’s thoughtful home design aesthetic, simplicity of use, and embrace and realize these key brand attributes.

With a search that spanned across North America, Sinvin guided Sonos to the most ideal and effective platform for its storefront debut, 101 Greene Street in SoHo, the premier destination for innovation and luxury in downtown Manhattan. In a newly constructed building designed to match its surrounding historic structures Sonos built 3,500 sf of immersive listening and selling space that spans two floors and faces the street with more than 30’ of frontage.

Sonos’ retail debut afforded the brand a solid and sturdy footprint in the increasingly crowded smart speaker category.  It allowed the brand to showcase its superior audio quality in an environment entirely programmed and directed to product experience.  The immersive design allows customers to experience first-hand the exceptional versatility of the smart home sound system, its ease of playing a vast variety of content room-by-room, all at the touch of a finger.